FAQs About Moving to Canada

Just since various people have asked me:

1. Where are you going?

To work out of my company’s head office in Toronto for a few months.

2. Why Canada?

I’ve always wanted to visit there and to try living and working in another country so this is a perfect combination of both.

3. What about your wife?

She’s coming with me.

4. What about your house/cat?

Both are being looked after while we’re away.

5. What about the band?

I’ve been told that nothing’s happening with the band just now, nobody new has joined the band and there hasn’t been a practice in months. As I’ve been seeing posts online about practices, new members, new songs, a planned gig and an album release, methinks I’ve been sacked. Which sucks since I bought a pile of guitar stuff quite recently.

6. When are you back?

Should be early June.

7. What are you going to do while there?

Mainly work and experience Toronto. We also want to visit Niagara Falls and Montreal if we have the chance. New York isn’t far away either but depends on how much money we have.