Thanks for the memories, eh

It’s amazing how quickly four months can pass. It seems like no time at all since I had to don the heavy coat, gloves and scarf to head in to the IBI Group Toronto office for orientation but, here I am now at the last day of my secondment and only a few days before leaving the country.

To be honest, I’m absolutely gutted.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be great to see all of the people back in Glasgow and catch up with family and friends but this is going to be a hard place to leave behind. I can’t remember a period of my life where I’ve between more content or happier than I’ve been here.

It’s the perfect mixture of a gorgeous, interesting and vibrant city, delightful workmates and a fun and challenging working environment. It’s also incredibly expensive but I’m sure I could deal with that if need be (Kraft dinners are very cheap).

Who knows if we’ll ever get back for more than a holiday. At the moment, I’d be ready to pack up and settle down here but circumstances aren’t quite right for it at the moment. Also, for all I know, this loving of the place could be due to something those crafty Canucks put in the water.

So, one last shift, a leaving party and then a couple of days to spend in the city before it’s back to that not quite yet independent chunk of an island in the east.

Toronto, I’m really going to miss you.

Kevin Wilson

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