doing a dave (part 1)

I’ve just finished reading “Are You Dave Gorman?” where Dave and his flatmate Danny travel the world trying to meet his (Dave’s) namesakes so thought I’d try and put together a list of the other Kevin Wilsons out there. Or, at least, the ones with websites.

This should also be handy for the dozen or so people who come onto this site trying to find out about Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson, so hello if that applies to you. So here goes…

Kevin Wilson, Photographer

Kevin #2 (I’m counting myself as #1) is a wedding photographer from Dorset and has won many awards for this over the years. I can’t help thinking I missed out on a bit of fun by not getting him to do my wedding photos from earlier this year. That could have been a laugh. And would likely have cost a fortune.

Kevin Wilson, Bonsai Specialist

This Kevin is a (Yamadori) Bonsai specialist from Essex and has a site with a gallery of the different trees(?) that he’s grown(?).

Kevin Wilson, Realtor

Have you been struggling to find a decent website for Conifer / Evergreen homes, houses, condominiums, town-homes, and real estate listings for sale in the Conifer / Evergreen area? Well, look no further, as Kev #4’s website is the one-stop shop for all your needs. Colorado does look like a nice place to live.

Kevin Wilson, Surrealist Photographer

Kev’s a very talented photographer from Dunfermline and takes some very interesting photos based on dreams and such. His work is well worth checking out.

Kevin Wilson, Scientologist

I’ll let him describe himself: “I am the Chairman and owner of Sterling Management Systems business and management consulting and training. I have 5 children and have been married for 24 years. My wife works with me in running the business – we are very happily married. Our children are successful in their pursuits. They all use Scientology in life.”
Sounds nice. I don’t know much about Scientology (apart from Tom Cruise is a fan) but, if I wanted to find anything out, I’m sure Kev would be the man to ask.

Kevin Wilson, Republican Representative

There isn’t a lot of info about this Kevin on his website, just some details of the committees he’s in and some general information. He’s the representative for the counties of McDonald and Newton, neither of which I know the location of. From his picture he does seem a cheery chap though.

Kevin Wilson, Attorney at Law

Kev seems to be an attorney that mostly deals with personal injury claims and injuries and such. In fact his website not only contains contact information for himself but also tells you what you should do after you’ve had an accident. His three main directions after calling the authorities are:

  • Do not discuss the accident with anyone, except to answer question asked by police officers
  • Do not take any blame for the accident

The third one really does seem to be the main one though.

Kevin Wilson, Board Game Designer

The site listed above isn’t Kev’s official site but it was the closest I could find. This KW is a designer of the board game version of classic PC game Doom. Sounds like a fun job to me.

Kevin Wilson, Professor of Biblical Studies

This cheerful Lithuanian is Professor of Biblical Studies at Lithuania Christian College and his interests include Use of Old Testament law within the Christian church, the history of the Israelite priesthood, the relationship of ancient Egypt to the Levant and the history of Israelite religion. His recent publications include The Campaign of Pharaoh Shoshenq I into Palestine (2005, Mohr Siebeck); Conversations with Scripture: The Law (Spring 2006, Morehouse Publishing); “’Do Not Hold Back the Wages of a Laborer Overnight’: Old Solution, New Problem” (2006, Sewanee Theological Review).
It’s worth having a look at this site just to see how someone should wear a big hat and still look pretty cool.

Kevin Wilson, SAP Interface Technology Expert

At last we come to a fellow computer geek! Kevin’s had quite a varied career by the looks of his CV. I’m not really sure what s SAP Interface is (although I feel I probably should) but he looks like the man to ask about it.

Kevin Wilson, Labour Councillor

Councillor Wilson is the Deputy Leader of the Labour Group on Milton Keynes Council with responsibility for External Affairs, Parish Councils, Audit and performance and Central Milton Keynes. He lives in Milton Keynes and used to be an MP.

Kevin Wilson, Computer Operator

Kevin’s a computer operator (I think – the article doesn’t really say) from Boston, Massachusetts. He’s had a rough few years but is enjoying his new job. I’ll let you read the article for full details.

Kevin Wilson, Student Writer

A native of Winchester, Tennessee, Kevin is currently a student in the MFA program at the University of Florida. He is also a staff member for the Sewanee Writers’ Conference. His stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Ploughshares, The Carolina Quarterly, Shenandoah, Other Voices, and elsewhere.
You can read his short story The Neck’s What Keeps Heart and Head Together online.

Kevin Wilson, Independent GNLD Distributor

This Kevin’s website is unique in that contains absolutely no information about him except the fact that he’s a GNLD distributor – which seems to be some sort of self-help programme.

Kevin Wilson, Football Manager

Kevin is the manager for Conference side Kettering Town. He’s been in the news quite a bit recently when he was briefly replaced by Paul Gascoigne. But he’s now happily back in charge and leading his team to victory.

Kevin Wilson, Midfielder / Sociology Student

Kev was the team captain for the University of San Diego’s Torero’s football team. Despite not being the tallest guy around, his seems to be handy at scoring the odd goal and looks to be enjoying his game. Not much information on his sociology studies but hey.

Kevin Wilson, Senior Executive Officer

Canadian Kev is Senior Executive Officer for York University in Toronto. But what does his job involve? Well, the senior executive officer advises and supports the vice-president on a broad range of matters related to strategic planning, financial management, policy development, human resource management and general administration. Responsibilities also include management of the Office of the Vice-President Students and coordination of divisional activities and special projects. So there you go.

Dr Kevin Wilson, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr Kev completed his PhD in Experimental Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania with Dr. Martha J. Farah and a post-doctoral research fellowship with Dr. George R. Mangun at Duke University before coming to Gettysburg College. His research combines functional brain imaging (fMRI) with more traditional behavioural measures to study higher level visual cognition, including visual attention and object recognition. He currently teaches Introductory Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and the Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory course. Dr. Wilson also serves as co-coordinator of the recently implemented Neuroscience minor.

Kevin Wilson, Manchester Expat

This Kev is originally from Ashton-u-Lyne, Tameside, Lancashire but now lives in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. He’s married with two children (boy and girl) and two grandchildren, (boy and girl). He’s a manager in a small engineering consultancy company, servicing the petrochemical industry.

Kevin Wilson, Public Relator

Kevin Wilson is a nine-year veteran of the public relations industry working with a variety of clients in diverse industries, including automotive, consumer products, healthcare and technology. In 2003, he founded Kevin Wilson Public Relations, Inc. (KWPR) to provide both public and private companies with “big agency” effort and results without the big agency budget. Prior to founding KWPR, Wilson worked as a PR specialist for Novell (Nasdaq: NOVL), a Utah-based information solutions provider, and from 1999-2002 as a senior account executive with Politis Communications, a Salt Lake City-based public relations and investors relations firm.
He’s now running his own PR business in West Chester, Ohio.

Kevin Wilson, Co-ordinator of the Klingon Bible Translation Project

Site: Bible Translation Project
Co-ordinated by Kevin Wilson, the KBTP’s has assumed the immense task of translating the books of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, into Klingon. Now, some people might ask “WHY?!?” but I think this is really cool. His title is by far the most interesting on this page and I wish him all the best of luck in competing his task.

Kevin Wilson, Kelso Laddie 2005

Kevin is a 22 year old Primary School teacher at Langlee Primary in Galashiels. And he’s Kelso Laddie 2005. Now, I didn’t really know what this was, but his winning picture has him in a very cold looking field, sitting on a horse. On further investigation, it seems that the Kelso Laddie is a traditional title given to the person who is then entrusted with the Burgh Standard. There’s not much information on how you get chosen for this other than some hints at horse-riding skills. But I may be wrong. For more information on this, have a look at

Kevin Wilson

.NET developer, JavaScript enthusiast, Android user, Pebble wearer, sometime musician and occasional cook.

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