This Week’s (and last’s) Top Stories

So, I finally got the Facebook mobile app update that forces a list of "top stories" to the top of the update list without any option to disable it.

At the moment, mine shows a mixture of 23 items: 23 jumbled status updates from Monday to just now. If I just want to read what's been posted recently, I need to scroll through to under these (and, on the mobile website, I need to click to load more items to even get through this list).

Exactly who is this aimed at? I can maybe see the appeal for idiots that just add everyone they've ever spoken to as a friend on Facebook so don't have the time to read through thousands of updates every day but surely these people are in a minority?

Someone with a hundred-odd friends on there really doesn't need a bi-weekly summary of what Facebook thinks is interesting forced upon them every time they log on. It's like having a conversation with a confused elderly relative who keeps trying to tell you the same story you heard a few minutes ago.

Please, Facebook, give us an option to switch this nonsense off.

Kevin Wilson

.NET developer, JavaScript enthusiast, Android user, Pebble wearer, sometime musician and occasional cook.

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