An Email To Revolut Customer Services


Just some background for context:

My partner and I got Revolut cards to come to the US last week. We’d both tried to use the cards online to verify they’d work (to pay for the ESTA fees) and all seemed to be well.

At the airport, I tried to use the card to pay for food and it failed due to an incorrect PIN. My partner tried hers and had the same issue. We’d both changed PINs using the app so thought there might be some issue with that.

I contacted customer services through the app and was told time and time again that my card was fine and we must be using the wrong PIN. By this time we were at the departure gate, so my partner called in to customer services while I continued to use text. The person she talked to had no ideas for what we could do so, worried that we’d run out of money on holiday, she transferred the money back to her account, being told it would take 3-5 working days.

After landing, I persisted with the text support and eventually was told that I needed to use the card in an ATM first after changing the PIN. Nowhere in the app does it warn you that this is required. So, that sorted, I now had a working card.

Today was the 5th working day since my partner transferred the money to her account but there’s still no sign of it. She contacted customer services again and was told there had been a problem with the payment service and nothing had been processed till Thursday 24th and she should wait till 5 working days from then. She’s asked repeatedly that someone help but just keeps being told there’s nothing Revolut can do.

We’re in America and are running short on money because of your support staff’s continued misinformation and lack of help. This is ruining our holiday.

Why wasn’t the payment processed till the 24th? And why were we not told this?

What can you do to help?