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Split your cmder window into multiple panels

cmder is my go-to shell for Windows. Up until recently, I was unaware that it could be split into multiple panels. There doesn't seem to be a menu option to do it, but it’s easily done with these commands (which, yes, I need to look up every time). Split the window horizontally (left/right split): cmd -new_console:s…


Getting Your Macro on with DOSKEY

I'm a big fan of the command line (much to the mirth of some of my co-workers). I do a lot of stuff through Git, Grunt and the like so I've usually got a Cmder window open somewhere. When using Git, there are a bunch of commands that I use frequently so it’s handy to have a shortcut to these. DOSKEY is a Windows…


Add Visual Studio 2013 Command Line Tools to Cmder

Cmder is an excellent console emulator and my go-to tool for Git on Windows. Every now and again I need to dip into the Visual Studio Command Tools to do something like manually run MSBuild, so it’s handy (and easy) to have this set up as a task in Cmder. 1. Manage Tasks Click the plus icon towards the bottom right of…