Sadly, from O2

Welcome to O2 live chat. Someone will start chatting with you soon.

You're through to Jay.

Jay: Hi there. My name's Jay I am an O2 sales advisor, how may I help you today?

You: Hi, I was just wondering if the data bundles for smartphones include the hotspots in various shops etc.? I think this used to be the case a few years ago but I'm not sure if it still applies.

Jay: Yes, it includes the Cloud and BT wi-fi hotspots.

Jay: Is there any particular contract you are looking at?

You: I was looking at the 24 month 100 mins/500 texts one.

Jay: Fantastic.

Jay: Would you like to go ahead with the order?

You: My current contract runs out in a week or so so am likely going to go ahead with it when that's up (if the deal is still available).

Jay: Sadly, it's quite unlikely that it will still be available. Prices for Galaxy S2 are going up. But you could order the phone today and delay the delivery until next week so the contract doesn't start until then.

Jay: How does that sound?

You: When are the prices going up?

Jay: Sadly, I don't know the exact dates. The prices keep changing all the time…

You: Okay. I'll have a look next week and see what the prices are like. Thanks.

Jay: Anything else I can help you with?

You: No, that was all. Thanks for your help.

Jay: Have a lovely day !

Jay: Bye Bye.

O2 has ended this chat session.

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