Chatting with Natwest Customer Services

My online banking with Natwest wasn’t working so I thought I’d try their live chat support.


An advisor will be with you shortly.
While waiting to be connected, don’t forget you might still be able to find the answer to your question and many more by using our ‘Help 24×7’.
During this chat you will not be asked for any details from your Card-Reader.
Please note if any personal information is given, it will only be used with regards to this specific enquiry and will not be used for any other purpose.
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Astha: Hi, you’re chatting with Astha. How may I help you?
Kevin Wilson: Hi, when I try logging into my online account, I get an error message then a redirect to the registration page. If I fill that out, I get a “service temporarily unavilable” message.
Astha: Hi Kevin,
Astha: Are you happy that I have fully and correctly answered all of your questions today?
Astha: I am very sorry to hear that…
Astha: Let me look at this for you.
Astha: May I please have your customer number so that I can check the status of your On
Astha: online banking?
Astha: I apologise for the typing error.
Kevin Wilson: [snip]
Astha: Thanks, there might be a slight delay while I check the information. Thanks for your patience.
Astha: Kevin, After reviewing your profile I found that your Online banking status is locked.
Astha: The best way forward would be to re-register for the online service so that you can reset your log in details. You can do this using your account details and debit card. Have you got these to hand?
Kevin Wilson: Yes. As I said, I get an error message when I try and re-register.
Astha: okay , Before that May I please confirm if you have any other browser you can try on?
Astha: Like internet explorer or fire fox?
Astha: Because This is a browser error you are facing
Kevin Wilson: I can try IE if needed. Why would that make a difference?
Astha: This is because sometimes old files gets stored on your systme , so we need to delete cookies and temporary internet files , or try another browser.
Astha: I request you to close all the windows and open a new page
Astha: except this chat window.
Kevin Wilson: Okay, I’ll try IE.
Astha: Sure
Astha: Shall I provide you the link ?
Kevin Wilson: Same error.
Kevin Wilson: That’s in IE10.
Astha: Let me provide you with the link .
Kevin Wilson: “We’re sorry but the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”
Astha: Open a new web page and try in that
Astha: To re-register for Online Banking please click here. I will still be here if you need any help.
Kevin Wilson: That’s the page I was using. Tried it again going directly from the page the linked opened but I get the same error.
Astha: Kevin, as this is a browser issue, I request you to please turn off your comuter and turn it on and try after 10 minutes , Please be assured it will work as the site is working fine and there is no issues with it,
Astha: Please be assured it will work for you
Astha: In case you face any issue, You can chat back with us. We are available 24/7 for your help. We will be glad to assist you.
Astha: You can simply use this link on a new page after 10 minutes
Astha: I apologise for all the inconvenience caused to you.
Kevin Wilson: Same error in Firefox.
Kevin Wilson: Restarting my computer after 10 minutes isn’t going to make any difference to my browser.
Astha: It will work for you , I am sure as this happens with some customers ,
Kevin Wilson: I’ve tried: Chrome, Chrome in incognito mode, IE10 and Firefox.
Astha: This is common issue which sometimes take place on computers
Kevin Wilson: If you can tell me what turning off my computer for 10 mins will do to my browser, I’ll be happy to try it.
In this case, you will need to delete cookies and temporary internet files from your browser, then enable cookies and then try again.

Once you delete and enable cookies, please close the browser completely.
Kevin Wilson: I tried Chrome in incognito mode, so that had no cookies saved.
Astha: Your last browser session will start up again after turning of the computer
Astha: I request you to try to do this , In case you face any issue, You can chat back with us.
Astha: We will be glad to assist you.
Kevin Wilson: “Your last browser session will start up again after turning of the computer” – what browser would that happen in?
Astha: In all the browsers which you are using .
Astha: I am understand your frustration , however this error only comes because of the cookies and temporary internet files which gets stored on the system .
Kevin Wilson: Browser sessions don’t survive across machine restarts.
Astha: I apologise for all the inconvenience caused to you.
Astha: I request you to try after 10 minutes and I am positive that it will work for you
Kevin Wilson: So, shut down my computer, wait 10 minutes, start it back up and that will have cleared all the temporarily stored data for the site?
Astha: It will start your browser session again and to delete the cookies there are some steps which you need to follow.
Astha: Click on the >> ‘3 horizontal lines’ icon in the top right corner >> ‘Tools’ >> ‘Clear browsing data…’ on a PC
Astha: ‘Chrome’ menu >> ‘Clear Browsing Data..’ on a Mac.
Astha: Change the ‘Obliterate the following items from:’ drop down menu to ‘the beginning of time’.
Astha: In the ‘Clear browsing data’ popup that opens ensure ‘Empty the cache’ and ‘Delete cookies and other site and plugin data’ is ticked.
Click on ‘Clear browsing data’.
Kevin Wilson: Same error using a different computer.
Astha: I apologise I will not be able to assis on a different computer
Astha: As i will not be able to see the activities on the different computer
Astha: So i request you to please use this computer only
Kevin Wilson: You can’t see the activities on this machine either though?
Astha: We can see the the page you are using
Kevin Wilson: In this browser, maybe. Not in IE or Firefox.
Astha: Yes, In google chrome,
Kevin Wilson: Anyway… if it didn’t work on the other machine (that didn’t have the cookies from this one), does that not indicate it’s an error on the server side?
Astha: Kevin, I am able to use the link which i have given to you , so i request you to please restart your computer and then try to re – register
Kevin Wilson: Fine. I give up.
Astha: I haven’t heard from you for a while. Are you still there?
Astha: I apologise for all the inconvenience
Astha: I can understand your frustration ,
Astha: and I am really sorry for this
Kevin Wilson: Not your fault; blame whoever coded the site.
Astha: Thank You for your understanding.
Astha: You have been very cooperative. It was a pleasure assisting you today
Kevin Wilson: Thanks for your help.

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    1. Just to be clear, I don’t work for a bank. I just happened to argue with a clueless help desk operator and then posted the chat.

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