turkish (un)delight

Well, Sunday morning was a little bit strange. I got woken up out of my long lie by my phone beeping with a new message. Still half asleep, I picked it up to read it and was greeted by the following:

“Have you checked out your forum! It’s been hacked by Al Qaeda!”

I think it took about 5 attempts to read it before my tired brain got up to speed and worked out what it was about. So, wandering through to the computer, I fired up the forum on the Middleman website to be met by this:

Click for larger image.

Okay, it wasn’t Al Qaeda but ‘Turkish Impact’ was bad enough. Delightful chaps that they are, not only had they put their own banner up over the front of my forum, but they had also deleted all the posts. Great, just great.

Luckily, I had a backup.

So, I spent the next hour going through the database to get it into some sort of form that could be rolled back and then uploaded the old data and – hey – the forum was back.

Had a typical Sunday, watched football, went to pub, came home. And found that they’d done it again. Oh, the pranksters.

So, made same changes to database, reset data as before and then re-installed the whole forum software and everything came back to life. Hopefully the latest version of the software will be a bit more secure.

This afternoon, a new user appeared on the site with an email address under yahoo.com.tr so my guess it that they were at it again. Didn’t manage to break the site this time though.

Anyways, since it happened, I’ve been trying to work out:
a. How did they find my site
b. Why did they decide it’d be a good idea to hack it?

The forum’s been pretty empty recently and the only links to it are through the band website so how did they manage to stumble across it. Are we famous in Turkey and I don’t know about it? Did they think their handiwork was going to be seen by millions? Who knows.

Hopefully they’ll leave us in peace now though (touch wood).

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