For Sale: Marshall AVT 150H amp head, Marshall M412A angled cab & footswitch

Info from Marshall:

Marshall AVT 150H

150W Valvestate guitar head

4 tube preamp channels, 150 watts of power, & 2 x 16 digital effects sections.

All channels are clean, overdrive 1, 2 and an acoustic simulator channels (makes electric sound like an acoustic).  Because all 4 channels are footswitchable, this amp gives guitarists ample flexibility on stage.  2 digital effect sections enhance this flexibility – one section is dedicated to the clean & simulator channels, the other to the overdive channels.  All effects are changeable via mix, adjust, & selects knobs, and are on/off footswitchable.  Like all the AVT’s it’s preamp section id based on a 12AX7 & delivers a warm tube tone that guitarists crave.  Marshall has always been famous for their singing, cranked tube amplifier sounds.  Now, thanks to the new acoustic simulator, artists are free to add additional versatility to their songs & sets without the expense or hassle of a second amplifier.

Marshall AVT 150H – 150w, 4 channel head with DFX featues: 4 valv-based preamp channels – overdrive 1 radically scoops mids for aggresive driving rhythm sounds.  Overdrive 2 cuts high frequencies for a more bass heavy sound. Headphone jack, speaker-emulated line out, effects loop, level control FX mix control.

Drives the M412A (angled) cab.

Marshall M412A 300W Full Sized 4 x 12 Speaker Cabinet

— The M412 Speaker Cabinet has been designed to deliver power and performance at an affordable level. The M412 offers a full sized 4 x 12″ speaker cabinet in both angle and base formats allowing the guitarist to create either stack or half stack configurations.

More Details:

The speakers used in the M412 cabinets have been specifically designed in conjunction with Marshall Amplification to provide both the warmth and definition that is associated with the Marshall Valve tone. Specifically chosen for their sound qualities the 12AX75 speakers from Eminence allow you a full stage setup without the price tag.

M412 cabinets not only deliver the sound of a Marshall but also the look. Covered in their textured vinyl covering and furnished with their durable cabinet furniture the M412 is designed to endure. Finished with the unmistakeable white script Marshall logo the M412 is guaranteed to make you look and sound like you mean business.


  • Cabinet Type: Angled
  • Speaker Type: 12AX75 Eminence
  • Speaker Configuration: 4 x 12″
  • Power (RMS): 300 Watts
  • Input Type: Mono
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms

The Marshall P100039 6 Way AVT footswitch and footswitch cable are included with the sale of the amp.

The amp has recently been serviced (November) so it in perfect working order.

Amp, cab and footswitch have a few dings and scratches on them (they’ve been well gigged). See photos for details.

£400 ono


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