A letter to Orange Customer Services


A couple of weeks ago (14th) I called in to Orange to ask for some information about the Dolphin 30 package with the HTC Hero after having looked at it on your website. The deal was £24.46/month for 24 months with 600 minutes, umlimted texts and 500Mb/month internet usage. I was offered a deal to take this out over the phone with an extra £5 off for the first 18 months. I took out the deal, paying £48 for the handset.

After my phone had been delivered and I had ported my phone number over, I set up an online account so I could track the usage of my minutes and internet usage. I noticed on this that I had already accrued some charges for internet usage so called Orange customer services to find out what was happening.

It seems that I was signed up for the wrong contract – Dolphin 35 – for 18 months. When I explained that this wasn't what I agreed to, I was transferred to several different departments.

The first told me that I would need to cancel the contract under the 7 day money-back gaurantee and return the phone. This isn't something I wanted to do as I use my mobile for business and, with my number ported to Orange, this would cause severe problems while waiting for a new phone to arrive.

I was then transferred to a different department who told me that I would be transferred to the deal that I had originally agreed to but the change wouldn't come into effect until the my next billing date of 17th December. This I again disagreed with as the mistake was on Orange's end and I shouldn't be expected to pay for that error. I was put on hold for another ten minutes and, when the advisor returned, I was told I would be given the original deal I agreed to starting "within the next couple of hours" and would recieve the £5 monthly discount for the full 24 months, thus bring my monthly bill down to £19.46 for the full length of my contract.

I asked for confirmation of this to be sent out in email and was told that this wasn't possible as the advisors have no external internet access. So I then asked for confirmation by post and was told I would receive a letter within the next few days.

When I hadn't recieved a letter by today (Thursday 26th) and noticed my online account information still showed the wrong account details, I called customer services again to make sure that the change was in progress. After looking at my account, the advisor told me that nothing had been noted on my account since the contract was initially set up (14th). I was advised to send this email to create a trackable progress of this problem.

So far I have spend over two hours on the phone trying to sort this out. All I want is to have my account switched over to what I agreed to. I don't see why this is proving to be such a problem. Having to explain all this from the start to a new customer service advisor every time I call is also starting to wear a bit thin.

So, to summarise, I want my contract changed immediately to what I agreed on Sunday: 
– £19.46/month for 24 months
– 600 minutes
– unlimited texts
– 500Mb anytime internet usage

I don't want to cancel and return the phone as I highly suspect that I won't be offered the same deal if I do so.

I don't want to continue on the current deal I've been wrongly given.

I don't want the change to happen at some arbitrary point in the future.

I'm sure you have the original phone call (from when I set up the contract) on record so you should be able to refer to that if need be.

I look forward to receiving your prompt response,

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson

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