About Me

I'm a (mostly) frontend dev, originally from Kilmarnock, Scotland, but now settled in Glasgow.

I started off my career as a Flash dev (I know, right?) before moving into .NET with Visual Basic (I KNOW, RIGHT?).

After seeing the light and switching to C#, I stayed in the full-stack .NET world for about a decade before "temporarily" moving to focus on frontend for a year's contract. That temporary move has been about 8 years now. I'll go back one day. 😀

I'm currently focussed on React, either on its own or as part of Remix/Astro/Next - whatever makes most sense for the project.

When not stuck at a computer, I'm usually in front of a cooker, behind a guitar, holding a Kindle, messing around with a Rubik's Cube, playing with a dog, or watching something time-travel related.